Time for a Kit Kat

Let’s face it – we all need a break. Starting your own business is like going hiking on a path, which goes through the mountains. Sometimes the path is flat and you can go faster. Sometimes the path goes uphill and you have to gather your strength to climb up. When it gets flat again, you stop to take a breath and have a Kitkat. This is when you look around you and see the trees and the beautiful things that you might have missed along the way. You then also realize how far you have walked. You then think to yourself “Wow! I am almost there”. This thought gives you the courage to get up and continue walking along this path that you have chosen. Ahead of you lies more ups and downs, perhaps a bit of rain, you might meet other travellers along the way who give you tips on where to walk and what to look out for.

I am now taking one of my breaks. It has been 6 months since I started on the path of entrepreneurship in Senegal. It has been a steep learning curve and a rewarding experience. I am now recharging and getting ready to forge ahead. I am deciding which path to take and how fast to go. I feel as if I have grown as a person. Surprisingly, I think I have also developed empathy for those trying to make a living on their own. I have also developed great respect for those who have taken the plunge and are following their dreams, forging on in their journey.


Whatever you chose to do, you will need to take a break,recharge and look at how far you have come. Give yourself a pat on the back too for having started the journey!

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