The 3Rs and Horses

One of the things I like about Senegal is the ability of its people to reduce, reuse and recycle. When I first moved here, I gave away my moving boxes, not realising that they were worth a fortune, (actually a friend told me , but I ignored him). People buy them and resell them. I am now looking for small carton boxes for packing Vanilla Bean muffins and went looking for boxes. There is a street downtown where merchants sell boxes, used ones. Who knows, I might even come across my own moving boxes. There is only one company in Dakar, La Rochette, which manufactures cardboard boxes. They are huge. I hear they supply the neighbouring countries, as far as Burkina Faso. If you are interested in starting a business in West Africa, this might be the one.

Everyday there is someone trotting down my street calling out in a high pitched voice, “Bladidibla, bladidibla, bladidiblaaaaaaa”. I was curious, so one day I peeked out and saw that it was a horse-drawn cart piled with garbage. It was a young guy getting everyone’s attention by calling out. He was collecting garbage from the houses with his horse-drawn cart. Everything in that cart was going to be reduced, reused and recycled. That is a small source of income for someone in Dakar – african entrepreneurism at its core. You see horse -drawn carts everywhere in the city on the streets mixed in with the general multidimensional traffic. They are transporting furniture, delivering water, food, soda and
IMG_1933 IMG_1935

you-name-it. If you need a pick up or delivery, call your local horse cart, he will come a-trotting.



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