Talent under my nose

There are many people that I am grateful to have met here in Senegal. One in particular is Jaina. my housekeeper. She is from the south of Senegal, a region called Casamance

That was where I spent my very first holiday in Senegal and kept coming back for years after that before finally deciding to move here. The people are mostly from the ethnic group Jola and are quite different from the Wolof group who are mostly in the Dakar and the north. Because of many beautiful life changing experiences in Casamance, the southerners have a special place in my heart.

So Jaina- she is meticulous and pays great attention to detail. She has an enquiring mind and  is very solutions oriented. If something breaks or goes wrong she will tell me straight up. She uses her initiative and we have known each other for about three months and I  just enjoy having her around. She enjoys singing as well.

In terms of Vanilla Bean, she does all the packaging and does a far better job than I would ever do. I noticed this and thought maybe she could take over from Rama, the lady who briefly helped me bake muffins. She definitely has the packaging sorted.

Today we had our first day making apple muffins and she was fantastic. She caught on really quickly. Looks like I might have already found a replacement for Rama and she was under my nose all along. Here’s me hoping it will al work out 🙂



2 thoughts on “Talent under my nose

  1. Loving your blog. Feel like I’m in Senegal with you. Will say I am one of the few who knows about Guinea Bissou as we learned about the great writer Amilcar Cabral from there in our Modern Political Thought course at UWI. Any keep the stories coming!

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