I am DBQ a globe trotter and  used-to- be avid reader. After living in many countries I decided to take a year off  from teaching in Senegal to start a business selling freshly made all natural muffins. The name of the business was Vanilla Bean. Why would anyone leave a cushy teaching job in gorgeous South Africa and  move to a developing country in West Africa? I discovered Senegal in 2003, during my Christmas holidays. At that time I was teaching in London and had just ended a relationship and needed to get away. I chose Senegal as it was next to Guinea Bissau where DNA tests showed that some part of me had roots there.

I have been hooked on the region since. My friends think someone has bewitched me! I am originally from one of the most beautiful and intriguing Caribbean islands- Jamaica and I left all that beach, sun and…. for dust, power cuts, horse drawn carts, hustle, bustle and noise. However, much to my surprise it feels completely natural. Who knows how long I will be in Africa but I plan to trot along and enjoy the ride…… writing about  my experiences along the way.

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  1. Fabulous DBQ – I am from JA too and hope to start a business in Senegal asap. Encouraging to see you already settling in. – Peace – Colin.

  2. Hi DBQ, u had me hooked from the first sentence I read! Thank u for sharing ur journeys and more, what lies deep within u. U are like an interesting read….a book that one doesn’t put down easily.
    I know that everything that u have experienced is exactly what u needed to and has brought u to this place……a place that u can take me along with u, in ur reality and for me, in my thoughts. U are not and will never be isolated! Ur spirit is too dynamic for that!
    Bless ur parents, U are a sharing soul and Africa needs YOU! Thanks.
    Nix- Johannesburg, South Africa

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