It is Black History month again. I remember this month 10 years ago in 2005 when I was reading Black Heritage Today magazine and saw the article on african ancestry. I had always been curious about where my ancestors came from, so my interest peaked when I saw that some guy had already done this DNA test and went off to find his roots! I did the very same DNA test through the University of Cambridge and discovered that I had roots in Guinea Bissau !

Who the hell had ever heard of that country? It happened to be, and still is, one of the poorest countries in the world and way, way off the beaten track! However, that did not deter me. To get to Guinea Bissau, I had to go via Senegal. On the way to Guinea Bissau, I fell in love with Senegal, its neighbour,  and returned to visit many times. Here I am 10 years later trying to settle in Senegal and start a business. Who would have thought that that initial discovery trip to Guinea Bissau would have led me to follow the path I am now on? If anyone is interested in discovering their roots check out

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