Is your product up to standard?

In Senegal, being an entrepreneur can be a challenging experience. You need to deal with government regulations and find the right market for your product. If you are in the food sector, as Vanilla Bean is, there is an additional government requirement. You will need to have your product tested at the ‘laboratory’ to make sure it is up to standard. What is interesting is that you do not know how much this will cost beforehand  There seems to be no standard fee.  You then drop samples off at the agency which gives you the authorization (FRA). You will then have to call them after a week or so to find how much this will set you back. When you hear the amount you need to pay,  (make sure you are sitting down), you need to go to another office and pay this surprise amount. The next step is that they visit your production site and check that your site is up to standard. I would say this is equivalent to a Bureau of Standards, which approves products before they go on the market. This is an essential step if you want to include supermarkets in your distribution channel.images

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