Get up, stand up…


IMG_2282So you decide to take a break. You have had your Kitkat. How much longer should your break be? How do you know when to get up and continue your journey? Remember, this is journey that you have planned and prepared for. This is the journey from which you are now taking a break. Why? To look back and appreciate all you have accomplished, to reevaluate, to re-energize and to move forward.

I pressed the ‘pause’ button at Vanilla Bean in Dakar and took my break at home in Jamaica. I spent time with friends and family and revisited familiar experiences and places. My break was initially 18 days. On day 17, I realized that I was not ready to leave the island and not ready to continue walking on my path. So I extended my stay and added another 5 days, so I had 22 days in total.


This is now day 20. I got up thIMG_2274is morning and felt at ease. I noticed the clear blue skies and heard the birds singing. I saw the leaves fluttering, the trees swaying in the cool island breeze. I appreciated the deep pink and contrasting white of the bougainvillea flowers. Once again everything was beautiful and as it should be. My mind was quiet. All the thoughts that were flying around in my head have now all lined up like bullet points on a PowerPoint slide. My break has served its purpose, my thoughts are now clear and I can see which path to take and how fast to go.

Your break is over when you appreciate the present, you see the path ahead and you get up and continue walking.IMG_2235

In the words of Bob Marley “ Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”

Walk good!





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